This is a pre-order for the dutch iris stand alone course. The course guide and video will be sent to your email on Tuesday, September 6, 2022.

Learn how to make the beautiful Dutch iris. The skills that you can expect from this course are: creating an entire flower out of wired petals and using acrylics to hand paint details.

This listing is for class access ONLY. You will NOT receive a supply kit. 
You can purchase a supply kit separately. 

***This class is for your PERSONAL use only. It is not to be reproduced, shared or replicated in any capacity. By purchasing your ticket, you are agreeing to these terms.**

price includes:

Dutch Iris Online course

- online course
- detailed guide with templates (via email)

**This listing is for the class ONLY. You will need to provide your OWN supplies to participate in this workshop.**

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