This kit contains the materials needed for Emily's Skillshare courses: the poppy, the peony, the cherry blossom branch and both greenery types.

You will receive all the paper and floral wire needed to make 3 of each flower and greenery. Tacky glue, glue stick, tubing, spun cotton, foam brush and Mod Podge will also be included. Colors of the paper will be similar to the ones used in the course.

PLEASE READ: The following items are NOT included in the kit:
scissors, acrylic paint/paintbrush, pastels, or hot glue/glue gun sticks. These are all readily available online but are NOT included to keep the cost of the kit lower. 

Shipping info:


- Please allow 1-2 weeks for shipping.
COVID-19 continues to delay many of our distributors in Europe.

- UPS shipping for the continental US only.

- International shipping will be considered on a case by case basis. Buyer is responsible for all shipping costs/custom fees. Inquire with Emily directly at emily@reverypaperflora.com

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