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Today I want to talk to you about one of the most important ways to make your paper flowers as realistic and refined as possible: your scissors.

Without a doubt, one of the most frequently asked questions I receive are: What scissors do you use? 

Having the right pair of scissors in your tool kit is a critical element to your success. When I first started making flowers, I used kitchen scissors. It nearly ruined the entire experience for me. It made paper flower making much more difficult than it needed to be. Having the right tools sets you up to be more successful as you build your skills.

I often felt like Cinderella and the glass slipper looking for the ‘just right’ fit so let me save you the trouble: Here are my top 5 scissors of all time. I use these 5 pairs every single day. I feel like I can give them my full endorsement after using these for multiple years.

Without further adieu, 

  1. My ultimate favorite: This is my most reached for pair. Not too big, not too small. Great for fringing and making detailed cuts. I always have 1 on standby at all times. This is my favorite pair to use for cutting medium to large petals and leaves.

2. These scissors are the ultimate OG for making curves and details as smooth as possible. I use these most frequently for smaller and more intricate blooms.

3. Sometimes bigger is better: You need at least one large pair of scissors in your tool kit and these are my first choice. Even though they’re big, the blade can still be used for precision cuts. They’re not bulky and still easy to maneuver.

4. If you ever find yourself needing to fringe 1,000 stamens in 48 hours, you need these. For all your fringing needs or to just give your hands a break, these are another pair I cannot live without.

5. Lastly, sometimes you need tiny scissors to make tiny adjustments. Often times those small adjustments lead to big results. These not only do the job but they’re also very aesthetically pleasing. Not like that’s the most important thing but nothing wrong with liking pretty things as long as they’re functional.

I hope you love these scissors as much as I do!


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